RPF Sit on Top Surf Kayaks

RPF Sit on Top Surf Kayaks

The extensive uptake of Sit on Top (SOT) kayaking in the UK has allowed many people to acquire their first taste of this exciting sport. This includes those individuals who go on to venture into the surf and catch the wave-riding bug. However, the traditional plastic SOT kayaks are heavy and handle badly in the surf-zone. Even the surf-specific plastic SOT kayak designs that are available, whilst offering a degree of progression, do not come close to matching the performance any of the sit-in surf kayaks or waveskis.

Therefore, the choices at this stage to move forward are to either make the quantum leap to waveski riding, or to learn to roll a kayak and go for sit in surf kayaking. Both of these options can be challenging and many people are not comfortable with either of these transitions.

This is where the RPF Sit on Top (SOT) kayaks come in. RPF kayaks have created a range of lightweight SOT surf kayaks, that offer greatly enhanced performance relative to any previous SOT kayak. Their intelligent lightweight design allows serious progression in surf kayaking skills to rival the performance of sit in surf kayaks.

The adjustable tri-fin system lets you grip the wave face and adapt the fins to the conditions accordingly, just like all proper surf-craft should. What is important is that all this performance is achieved in a SOT format with the familiar thigh straps set up. These SOTs are equally relevant to those new to kayaking.

Further, these lightweight kayaks are easy to carry to the surf zone and handle within it.

RPF offer 3 SOT kayak designs: 1) Shark 2) Maori 3) Master

There are three choices of construction: 1) Standard 2) High-Tech 3) Kevlar carbon.

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