RPF Maori Surf Kayak

RPF MAORI: It is the latest model of the RPF Kayaks and is also the most irreverent. Keeping the tradition of creating kayaks with high comfort and the ability to adapt your surf, the Maori is a real machine for surfing waves. With a high degree of flexibility and very fast in the drop, it can in a short space have the velocity to escape the waves more aggressively, or to cut the wall of the wave with its Maori art. This kayak has adjustable footplates to suit all leg lengths.

The Maori is extremely maneuverable, quick and responsive and will empower you with rapid changes in direction whenever you need them. Surprisingly, the Maori remains forgiving even with all this performance and makes you feel confident on the wave face. The kayak is designed to be able to drop quickly onto the wave and it can gather pace very rapidly. The Maori weighs just 9Kg making it so easy to carry and handle in the surf.

The 3 adjustable fins give you all the versatility you need. No plastic SOT can match the performance of the Maori.

                                                          RPF  Maori Specifications
Standard Equipment
63cm 2.06 feet
3x Future fins
223cm 7.316 feet
RPF Adjustable Thigh Straps
+/- 9Kg +/- 19,8lbs
Seat Grip
Surf Kayak

Ergonomic handles
Sit on Top
Drain Plug
Max Load
95Kg 209 lbs
Adjustable footplates
Custom Decor
Lateral + lumbar supports Exclusive Design
Customized feet support
Vinyl Sticker, UV resistant
Custom paint choices
Impact and abrasion resistance
Customized epoxy fins

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